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Before getting stared, you should know that all these HGH for sale available here is actually called Human Growth Hormones. These Hormones handle your growth in terms of height, muscle building, age, and more. People called them HGH, as it is easy to say.

Now! If you are looking at HGH for sale for the first time, you may have questions related to Human Growth Hormone supplements. Here is an article on HGH FAQ; clear out all your questions and then come back again with more HGH buying knowledge.


Many people use HGH for their muscle growth and some use it to get back their youthfulness. We all know Hollywood stars use them to be young.

But what is HGH?

HGH is a hormone much like estrogen and testosterone, naturally produced by your pituitary gland, so your body can regulate the excess fat, maintain the blood sugar levels and metabolism. It stimulates growth in children and adolescents.

The pituitary gland is the size of a pea and considered the most important gland to produce hormones that can control many functions, like tissue growth, which improves all over youthful appearance. That is why HGH is so popular among bodybuilders, because it helps them to increase the size of their muscle cells, enhance endurance, performance, and to boost energy.


hgh-pills-spray-and-injection-minWhen you are searching HGH for sale, you can’t take whatever is out there. Everyone has different needs and different reasons, so remember this when reading HGH reviews online.

Mainly, two types of HGH are available in the market, the natural HGH and the synthetic HGH. But for your ease, here at the, we have divided them in to 3 simply categories. Click on the category you are interested in and learn more about that and find the best Human Growth Hormones available in that category.

Each product in these categories is picked by us as per their quality, results, and the price. Don’t scratch your head too hard, as we have the most effective HGH for sale.

Before continuing, it is important for you to understand that natural HGH is always better than synthetic, as they are safer, cheaper, and result driven. But they take time to show results, so if you want instant results, consider buying synthetic HGH. Synthetic supplements are not steroids and are prescribed by many doctors and physicians, remembering these GH supplements will accelerate the growth hormones and may have side-effects.


hgh-pills-for-saleHGH pills are simply natural HGH pills, like vitamins, taken orally. HGH pills are the best and the safest way to take HGH, as they are not prepared synthetically as the injections.

The best time to take these pills is before going to sleep, as your pituitary gland is mostly active when you are asleep. When certain herbs are taken in the right combination, they stimulate the pituitary gland, as the pituitary gland releases natural hormones.

A recent study shows that there are few HGH releasers available in the market that provide the same results compared to the expensive HGH injections. The best of them are listed here on our list of best HGH pills for sale.


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The main goal is to increase the Human Growth Hormones levels in your body at an accelerated rate, which will help you to maintain your health. HGH Max releases hormones that contain certain proteins that will have a positive effect on your body and health. Using this supplement will reduce the many side effects of HGH injections and allow the muscles to grow naturally.

HGH Max is one of the most popular HGH for sale, right now, as it is very effective and worth taking to increase the HGH levels in your body. It will improve your overall health and help you to stay fit. It will help you to gain muscles and increase the bulkiness in your body. This supplement will probably take over the HGH injections, as it is that effective and affordable!

People choose HGH Max over Injections, as it saves a lot of money and time (although time is also money). You need no doctor’s prescription to take these supplements as you need for HGH injection.


  • This pill provides proper stimulation of HGH in your body
  • Has anti-ageing properties, which will diminish wrinkles, improve skin complexion, and any age spots.
  • This will help you to reduce any excess body fat and reduce weight
  • Build Muscles, Increase Energy, and Improve muscle tone.
  • Gain the Benefits of taking an injection by taking a pill!

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It is the no. 1 supplement available in the market. It will help you to gain muscles and reduce fat at a much faster rate. It contains 6 most powerful growth factors and 8 amino releasers. It is a powerful supplement with no side effects.

Somatropinne is a homeopathic HGH supplement, which is taken orally, so you need not stick any needles into your body. It will improve stamina and make your skin look much younger. It contains two powerful ingredients, known as L-valine and L-arginine, which is responsible for the accelerated production of growth hormones from your pituitary gland.


  • Taken orally, no need of injections.
  • It will improve your sleep cycle.
  • Burns fat and helps you to build muscles.
  • Increased Energy and metabolism
  • It will increase your stamina
  • There are no known side effects.
  • It is a powerful homeopathic supplement.
  • Powerful anti-ageing property
  • No prescription needed.
  • Increased sexual drive.
  • Boost your recovery process.

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The main goal is to build lean muscle mass, increase growth hormones and muscle recovery at a faster rate. It will help you in muscle growth at an accelerated rate.

DBol-GH is a powerful growth hormone that contains many active ingredients that work together. It is a very strong advanced formula, which promotes fat loss and increased strength. It contains an active ingredient, known as Cacium beta hydroxyl beta methylbutyrate, which affects protein composition.

Using this supplement will give you immense benefit for all the bodybuilders, as it has certain ingredients responsible for lean muscle growth and greater stamina. It will create a shield from diseases caused by hormonal deficiency.


  • No artificial components, it is 100% natural.
  • Helps you to build lean muscle mass.
  • It will boost your immunity.
  • Promote quick muscle growth
  • Increased stamina and strength.
  • Stimulate the HGH levels
  • It is safe and effective.
  • Stronger hair and smoother skin
  • Will increase endurance.

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The primary goal is to improve stamina, sexual health, and build muscles. It increases the testosterone level in the body, and for physical stamina, it hits the top charts. It is a male health supplement with a greater benefit in sexual drive and performance.

As your body ages, the production of testosterone level also decreases, resulting in muscle loss, including side effects like hair loss. Testosterone-1500 reverses this process and increases the testosterone level in your body.

It is an all-natural product with 100% natural ingredients. Once you take this supplement, you’ll feel an increase in stamina, sexual endurance, and rapid muscle recovery. This supplement is used for muscle building, sexual enhancement, and used in bodybuilding supplements. It is best to take this supplement, rather than injecting needles into your skin, as it has more benefit than injection.


  • Helps in building muscles.
  • Increase in stamina.
  • Reduce body fat and tones body.
  • Rapid muscle recovery
  • Maintain blood sugar level.
  • Speeds up the muscle recovery process
  • Escalate the production of testosterone hormone.
  • There are no side effects known.
  • Helps you to feel more focused and stronger
  • It will improve your skin health quickly.

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It is an HGH releaser. It helps your pituitary glands to produce more growth hormone. It helps in quick fat loss. The level of HGH decreases when the human body ages, but this can be maintained with HGH-X2. The HGH is released from the pituitary glands. It is an anabolic hormone, which stimulates the muscle growth and reduces fat.

HGH-X2 is the best quality product to help you have lean muscle gain. It produces amino acid, which accelerates HGH production. It acts as a multiplier in muscle growth, fat burning, and recovery times while you do your workouts.

No prescription is needed to take this supplement. As the body ages, the production of growth hormone decreases, but it is proven that a certain level of release of amino acid can accelerate the production of HGH in your pituitary glands. As this supplement is taken orally, no need to take injections. It is very reliable and effective.


  • It is made from natural ingredients
  • Release certain levels of HGH.
  • Burns Fat and increases blood flow
  • Accelerates recovery time.
  • Builds lean muscles.
  • You will experience an increase in endurance and strength.
  • Increase stamina.
  • Maintain blood sugar level.
  • No prescription required.

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It will not only increase HGH level, but it is very effective in the anti-ageing property and allows faster metabolism. This supplement can be taken by both men and women.

GenF20Plus is primarily known for its anti-ageing benefits by allowing the pituitary gland to produce more Growth hormones. Some say the decrease in HGH levels is the main cause of aging. So, by taking this supplement, your HGH you lose everyday will be restored, and your skin will become young again.

Once you take this supplement, you will also experience an increase in physical stamina and lean muscle tissues with the reverse effect of aging. For this supplement to take effect, you need to take these tablets daily.


  • Will diminish age spots and any wrinkles
  • Skin smoothening and enhanced complexion
  • Decreases body fat and helps you to lose weight.
  • Strengthens bones and your fingernails.
  • Reduction of hair loss and improves the condition of hair follicles
  • Faster metabolism
  • Increase stamina and bone density.
  • Strong memory and ability to focus.
  • Clear vision
  • Reduces stress and strengthens mental state.
  • Lowers cholesterol level.
  • Increases energy.
  • Fastens the process in absorption of active ingredients

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hgh-oral-spray-for-saleHGH spray is an oral spray that does not actually replace the growth hormone in your body instead it promotes the pituitary gland to produce more hormone in your body.

Basically the level hormones in your body are directly proportional to the age factor. So if you have any hormonal deficiency then your body will just speed up the process of aging.

Listed below the best oral sprays for sale right now:

#1 HGH SPRAY – HGH 30000

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It is a finest and high quality HGH oral spray that promotes natural secretion of HGH in pituitary gland. It will not only increase the HGH level but also improves your certain factors of health.

HGH 30000 will have a very powerful effect in your body by allowing you to perform and feel better. It will not replace your natural hormones but encourage the pituitary glands to produce more. It is a 100% safe and no prescription supplement. This HGH for sale is best to use if you want to make your immune system stronger.

It is helpful for those who have problems in being focused as this supplement increases the concentration power. It has a powerful ingredients like Omithine Alpha Ketoglutarate which is responsible for stimulating HGH into your body. It also have advantages over HGH injections as it benefits you in a more secure way and also at a lower cost.


  • Promotes youthful appearance of your skin.
  • It will increased stamina and metabolism
  • Helps you improve the athletic performance.
  • Lean muscle growth
  • It will protects immune system
  • Improved sleep and mood
  • Fast wound recovery
  • Increased sex drive and libido
  • Stabilize mood swings.
  • Strengthens hair follicles and nails.
  • Improves your sleep cycle.
  • It will prevent you from hormonal deficiency
  • No prescription or injections needed.

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It contain elements like Alpha GPC which is responsible for faster release of growth hormones or a powerful HGH releaser. It will increase the density of your bone making it stronger and also improves the functionality of other organs.

As GenF20Plus tablets were fully loaded with powerful ingredient so this Alpha GPC is only available in GenF20Plus oral spray. It will kick start your hormonal production in your body. It also contain powerful ingredient responsible for the youthful appearance of the skin. You will not need any prescription to use this spray as this is made with all natural ingredients.

You need to have everyday consumption of this supplement in order to have maximum effects. No need of taking tablets and definitely no need to inject yourself with any needles to gain effects of growth hormone. GenF20Plus Oral Spray have almost same benefits as in GenF20Plus tablets but in a more protective way.


  • Makes your skin bright and smooth
  • Strengthens bones and tissues
  • Strong memory and increase in concentration
  • Reduces excessive fat from your body
  • Strengthens finger nails
  • Improve the health of your eye
  • Helps you to build muscles
  • No prescription needed
  • Prevention from diabetes
  • Cheaper than HGH injections
  • No side effects and 100% effective.
  • Prevention from any damages caused by excess alcohol consumption.

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It is a high quality HGH supplement which helps to increase the growth hormonal level in your body. It helps to produce essential protein required for bodybuilding.

Sytropin is a leading oral spray available in the market. After using it, you’ll experience a much greater absorption of the active ingredients responsible for the youthful appearance. It will provide essential fuels to the cells for much faster recovery and lean muscle growth.

It will not only strengthens the immune system but also will make your body disease resistant. This supplement is used by most people as it does not require any subscription and does not require injections. With many positive results, sytropin has effective towards the overall health. It is used and recommended by many bodybuilders.


  • Will fasten up the wound recovery
  • Promotes certain hormones responsible for skin tightening
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Restorative muscle growth
  • Prevents any disorder related to hormonal deficiency
  • Powerful healing properties
  • Prevent depression and stress
  • Stabilize mood swings.
  • Strengthens hair follicles and nails.
  • Maintains the calcium level in your body.
  • Cheaper than other supplements
  • Improves your sleep cycle.
  • No prescription or injections needed.

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hgh-injections-for-saleUsing injections to insert hormones into your blood stream may have instant effect in your body, but there are several drawbacks of using this growth hormone injection. It is not any over the counter medicine, if you want an HGH injection then you will need prescription for it.

It is a synthetic drug which is very expensive and the way it is injected is also not natural. Keeping aside the side effects, HGH injection may give you instant results compared to the HGH tablet or oral spray supplements.

But while taking injection, if it is not administered properly then it may cause lump in your pituitary gland which will cause certain disease to form. HGH injection should be taken in small quantity otherwise it will detriment against all the benefits mentioned.


The main aim is to increase the HGH level in your body. Basically, HGH stands for ‘Human Growth Hormone’ that is used to increase the production of HGH in your pituitary gland. It will help you to recover from any wound at a faster rate. Even though these growth hormones are available in a human body but it generally decreases as the body ages. That is why many uses external sources to build up these hormones. These hormones are also responsible for weight loss and younger skin.

There are basically two kinds of these supplements, one is by injecting the synthetic GH and other is the intake of tablet like vitamins. The only difference is that when you inject these hormones then instant reaction takes place but you need prescription from the doctor for this injection and you don’t need any prescription when you take it by tablets even though the effects will take place after a period of time.


You will need to take the HGH supplements if you want to have a healthy body with no deficiency in growth hormones. Growth hormones in your body plays an important role in having healthy body as it helps your organs to function well, it improves the health of your brain which will increase your focus and concentration level, prevents your skin from melanin deficiency which will make your skin much healthier and younger.

There are various benefits of using HGH supplements and many people use these supplements as:

  • It has anti-aging benefits.
  • Decreases fat and will help you to lose weight.
  • Maintain the cholesterol level in your body.
  • Increased stamina and metabolism.
  • Increases sexual performance and sex drive.
  • Makes your skin smooth and removes any laugh lines or wrinkles.
  • Healthier and stronger hair.
  • Helps you to have lean muscles mass.
  • Control and prevents diabetes.
  • Increases the density of bones.
  • Increases the HGH level in your body.
  • Reduces any mental stress and improves concentration level.
  • Prevents any diseases related to hormonal deficiency.
  • Increase the functioning of your brain.


Those people who have hormonal deficiency tend to have certain side effect to the composition of the body and its growth. Basically HGH decreases this hormonal deficiency. This deficiency can be due to increased body fat, decreased density in bone or due to pituitary disease. As the body ages your pituitary glands also decreases the production of hormones due to which your skin produces wrinkles that is your skin also ages.

When you take HGH supplements then it will promote your pituitary glands in production of growth hormones. HGH is also called as an anti-aging miracle due to its powerful anti-aging property. Once you take these HGH for sale, your body will have improved bone density, reduced body fat, tightens skins making it smooth and you will end up with younger looking skin.


It’s a fact that the molecular composition of HGH is same as that of the HGH produced by the body. This validates that it can be considered as one of the safest synthetic hormones. Moreover, you will get to hear the same kind of positive feedback from physicians. However, there are some possible side effects that are very common and hence you should be aware of them. The most common ones are mentioned below:

  • Skin Numbness
  • Nausea
  • Joint Pain (it reduces over time)
  • Water retention (around ankles and wrists)
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Hypothyroidism, that can be prevented with the help of Cytomel (T3)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome that arises because of fluid retention
  • Flu-like symptoms can occur initially, but get dissipated with time

Although, side effects may occur even after a proper use, it would be wise not to abuse the hormones. In cases where people take a daily dose of 10iu or more, have reported issues like permanent enlargement of hands and feet, abnormal enlargement of organs and type-2 diabetes. This is because it reduces body’s sensitivity towards insulin and increases blood sugar level. If there is a problem of diabetes, just stop the intake of these hormones and it would go away.


HGH bodybuilding is gaining popularity and to some extent it is because of the fact that it is very versatile. You can use it single handedly or you can also pair it up with anabolic steroids during cutting or bulking cycles. This will improve its effectiveness and will give better results.


HGH-Only cycle can work wonders for you with respect to your overall well being. Those of you who are not interested in bodybuilding, but are looking for something that could make you feel more energized, this will be helpful for you. You just need to take a dose of 3iu of HGH daily for a time period of 12-16 weeks. Some studies also suggest a daily intake of 1iu-2iu of HGH for an indefinite time period without any harmful effect.


The combination of HGH and testosterone is very effective and has proved to be successful for many bodybuilders. An ideal option of test would be to combine HGH with Testosterone Propionate and Sustanon-250. These cycles can be run for 12 months.


Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts believe that the real benefits of HGH can be realized after combining them with anabolic steroids. This is because it is versatile enough to help in building muscles as well as in cutting fat. For the purpose of cutting, HGH, Primobolan Depot and Anavar is a popular stack. On the other hand, for bulking, combine testosterone with either Deca Durabolin or Trenbolone.


HGH could be great for post cycle therapy as it helps in preventing the body from gaining fat. But an important thing to remember is that you should intake HGH for PCT only if you have been taking it for the cycle for at least 8 weeks. Taking HGH for few weeks would be very expensive as well as ineffective. So, make sure that you take the dose for 4-8 weeks in the post cycle.


Here are some frequently asked questions about HGH supplements and their uses. Read out these and know more about HGH.

Is HGH Legal?

You can buy HGH for sale legally in the US, provided that you have a physician’s prescription with you. Often doctors may prescribe it for issues like HIV, AIDS, dwarfism or any other condition that affects bone or muscle growth. Buying, selling or using HGH without any doctor’s prescription is considered to be illegal in the United States. So, before you purchase it, be careful about all kinds of potential legal repercussions.

Is HGH a Steroid?

Often people mistake HGH to be a steroid.But, HGH is not a steroid; rather it’s a synthetic hormone. Steroids are only natural counterparts with a different composition. On the other hand, HGH carries the same molecular composition which is found in the HGH that are produced by the body through a natural process.

Is HGH Safe?

The synthetic HGH carries the same composition which is found in the natural HGH. Hence many doctors recommend that it can be used over extended periods without any harm. However, it is important to note that abuse of HGH can definitely prove to be harmful for your health. As long as you use it properly and responsibly, it would help you to be more energetic, boost your overall disposition as well as will aid in increasing the effectiveness of other performance enhancing drugs. Thus, it can be said that HGH is safe till you know how to use it.

What does HGH do for Women?

Often women may not find it safe to use HGH because of the fact that many anabolic steroids and testosterone cause virilization, or development of male characteristics. But, with HGH it’s not like that. It can be used by women in the same way as men use them. However, since the female body is more sensitive, they have to be careful and take lower doses.

Does HGH make You Taller?

Many people are often curious about HGH’s effect on increasing their height. In the age of 12-18, the body is still in the growing stage. Therefore, HGH can prove to be really effective for those who have growth disorders like dwarfism. But, in the age gap of 18-21, the growth plates on our bones get fused together, thereby locking the height. In such a case, the administration of HGH would only thicken the individual bones, but it won’t lengthen them.

Is There Such a Thing as HGH Weight Loss?

A majority of people who face overweight issues often get curious about this particular question. The answer is, yes. HGH does help on weight loss. This is due to the fact that it makes your body less sensitive to insulin. Apart from this, it can also hydrolyze triglycerides that are a kind of body fat. This implies that it can make the fats water soluble so that they can be flushed from the body or can be burned off in the form of energy more conveniently.

What is the Average Cost of HGH Injections?

Talking about the cost other then HGH for sale in our list, HGH is undoubtedly highly demanded by customers and hence it’s one of the most expensive hormones being sold in the market. As per the dosage, it will cost you somewhere between USD 800-USD 1400 per month. However, you must make sure that you spend money on HGH to take the complete dose for at least 12 weeks. If you discontinue the use before this time period, it won’t fetch you any results and the whole amount would be wasted.

Which are the Best HGH Supplements, among all the options available?

You may find a wide variety of HGH for sale in the market today including pills, sublingual sprays or injectable vials. But the best among these is undoubtedly the pharmaceutical grade product. This is because it guarantees to be composed of the same molecular formula which is found in the HGH that is produced naturally by the pituitary gland in your body.