We have already discussed that how effective HGH is and what are the benefits obtained by this synthetic substance. However if you really wish to obtain the best possible results, you need to plan your HGH cycle with utmost carefulness. Those who use it as an anti-aging treatment, usually consume it in small dosage for an indefinite time period. Moreover, the people who want to build more muscles and gain more stamina, intake higher dosage and hence plan the cycle.

With or Without Steroids?

When you take the decision to use HGH for sale, first and foremost you have to decide whether you want to use it alone or in combination with an anabolic steroid. If you want a mild and subtle effect, there is no need for any other substance but if you are planning to gain more muscles or lose some fat then you can pair your HGH dose with your favorite bulking or cutting agent. In case you want to enhance your performance, you may consume it in the range of 2iu per day to 8iu per day.

Let’s take a look at an example in order to get a clearer idea about the HGH cycles. If you want to gain solid muscles over a time period but don’t prefer adding an anabolic steroid to the stack, a dosage lying between 6iu to 8iu would be sufficient during the cycle which would be taken for a duration of 12-16 weeks. On the contrary,  if you intake HGH along with something like Deca Durabolin, you just need to take 2iu to 4iu on a daily basis.

Optimal Length of HGH Cycles

The next step is to decide the length of your HGH cycle i.e. for how long would you like to use the product. Experts recommend that the minimum length of an HGH cycle should be fixed as 16 weeks but others say that using HGH for a long time period can actually lead to some serious side effects like enlargement of hands, head, feet, and even internal organs like heart. Considering all this, it must be kept in mind that if you want to take a dose of more than 2iu per day, no matter with or without anabolic steroid stack, you should probably stick to the plan of a 16-week HGH cycle. Another important thing that should be considered is that you must follow the safety guidelines while choosing the steroid.

Using HGH Cycle for Post Cycle Therapy

A lot of forums suggest of using HGH for the post-cycle therapy and certainly it can help you in to bring the testosterone production back to the normal count. It also plays an important role in promoting the overall well being and positive moods which is commonly seen in the weeks followed by the steroid cycle. Since HGH takes a lot of time to build up in the body’s system, you should start its intake at least before 4 weeks of the end of the cycle. Then keep using it for another 4 weeks after the last dosage of steroids so as to ensure that the HGH level in your body is at the minimum required number which is necessary for the recovery. An HGH cycle of 4-6 weeks is not at all effective for the post cycle therapy.

Things you should watch out for

While the HGH cycle is going on, the side effects are rarely seen by the users. Many people are able to tolerate the effects even when they take a high dose. But still there are certain things that you should watch out as you continue your cycle. People who consume high dosage of HGH report issues like high blood pressure. So you must ensure that your dosage contains the right amount or quantity and you can also keep checking your BP at periodic intervals so that everything is within limits. Besides, you may also suffer from the medical condition in which your head, hands, and feet. Be aware that your shoes and clothes fit you perfectly and if you notice any abnormal change then it’s time to look at the dosage quantity. Sometimes the enlargement of hands and feet may even lead to the abnormal growth of organs like heart which can be fatal and hence you need to stay updated.

Final Words

If we compile all this aforementioned information in a nutshell, one is completely safe as long as he/she is using the HGH supplements responsibly. Your safety is in your hands, so if you don’t want to suffer from any adverse or ill effects, you must make sure that you are consuming your supplements in the prescribed amount and that too within the recommended time duration.



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