Since HGH is such a controversial performance enhancement drug people are often curious to know about various details of this hormone. Some people love it and consider it as a boon while others just hate. There is nothing in between. Many celebrities and Hollywood actors have used it to look fit beyond the age of 65 years in order to maintain that stamina and youthful glow in themselves which is lost as the days go by.

Given below are some common HGH FAQs that are all rendered at one place. You can go through it and discover all the answers that you have been searching for till date.

What is HGH?

HGH is also commonly known as Human Growth Hormone which is a peptide hormone that is produced through a natural process in the pituitary gland inside the body. This gland keeps releasing HGH all throughout your life in varying amounts. The basic purpose is to promote cell regeneration but it also plays an imminent role in promoting the growth of bones, organs, muscles and tissues in the children and adolescents.

Can HGH Help Me in Building Muscles?

It has been medically proved that HGH can promote the muscle growth in people of all ages. However, it would be illogical to think that it’s some sort of a miracle which magically transforms everything on its own. The truth is that it won’t be effective until and unless you put your own efforts in maintaining a healthy diet and engaging yourself in physical workout sessions.

Is HGH Legal?

If we talk about the US, there only authentic HGH is available to use and that too if prescribed by the physicians. Even though its sale, purchase and possession are still prohibited, you can buy the HGH supplements legally. These help in boosting the body to produce more HGH through a natural process rather than introducing exogenous HGH into the bloodstream.

What is the Difference Between the HGH Injections and HGH Supplements?

Well the HGH injections and supplements are definitely different from each other. If we talk about injections, these are pure HGHs that are manufactured in the laboratories. Even though it is synthetic in nature, it is the exact copy of the natural HGH found inside the pituitary gland.

So using injections would mean that you are inserting additional hormones into the already existing stack present in your body. On the other hand, as far as the supplements are concerned, these don’t carry any HGH but they surely boost the body’s ability to produce it naturally.

What are the Side Effects of HGH?

The side effects of HGH are very rare and minor, in fact in most of the cases there are no side effects at all. However, if you don’t use it responsibly or take a very high dosage for a long period of time, you may have to go through a lot of health issues. Some of the common side effects are enlisted below:

  • Enlargement of internal organs like heart and prostrate
  • Abnormal growth of body parts like head, feet and hands which is irreversible
  • Bloating
  • Joint pain and swelling

What is the Right Amount of Dosage for Bodybuilders and Athletes?

If you are one of those fitness freaks who wish to build lean muscles, then the average dosage will range from 4iu to 8iu per day. But remember that you should start taking it in a low dose of 2iu per day and then increase it gradually so that you don’t get any side effects. If we talk about the HGH cycles, they may last between 5 to 8 months.

Which are the Best HGH Supplements, Among all the Options Available?

You may find a wide variety of HGH supplements being sold in the market today including pills, sublingual sprays or injectable vials. But the best among these is undoubtedly the pharmaceutical grade product. This is because it guarantees to be composed of the same molecular formula which is found in the HGH that is produced naturally by the pituitary gland in your body.

Where can I Buy HGH?

You need to keep it in mind that the use, sale or even possession of HGH is illegal in many countries. So before you decide to buy yourself HGH, make sure that you obtain it through a legal way otherwise there may be serious consequences.

In some countries, you can buy HGH trough online portals and in some places it is even common to buy it over a counter and that too without any prescription much like someone buying a bottle of Tylenol.

Final Words

Undoubtedly HGH carries a lot of benefits and millions of people around the world use it on a daily basis without going through any major adverse effects. But in spite of that you must use it in the prescribed amount and within a definite time period so as to realize its true benefits in a way that there are no ill effects on your health.