HGH vs steroids is a common debate as both are similar substances and people often argue as to which one is better in enhancing their performance. On one hand, anabolic steroids carry a lot of resemblance with the testosterone but with certain differences thereby imparting some unique properties to them.

On the other hand, HGH or Human Growth Hormone is an artificial hormone which is produced synthetically and doesn’t differ at all from the natural HGH found inside the human body. A lot of bodybuilders and athletes use either one of them or both of them in combination so as to gain benefits like increased strength, stamina and muscle growth.

In order to clear all your doubts, we have rendered a detailed analysis of the debatable topic HGH vs Steroids which you can find below:

What do Steroids do?

Anabolic steroids are derivative substances of the testosterones. When scientists conducting research in the laboratories perform slight changes in the molecules of testosterone, each and every change thereby imparts a new property to the steroids. For instance, the carbon atoms present in the molecular chain of the testosterones can be manipulated and it will accordingly make it more anabolic or less androgenic.

Through this process, a wide array of steroids is available for the athletes and body builders depending upon the purpose of the intake i.e. building the muscles or cutting the body fat. These categories include names like Trenbolone, Dianabol, Winstrol, etc. So the bottom line is that steroids increase the count of free testosterone inside the body which in turn increases the retention of nitrogen. As a result, the muscles are able to build new tissues following the work out sessions.

What does HGH do?

Moving on to the HGH, although it can be produced synthetically in the laboratories just like the anabolic steroids, there isn’t any difference between the hormones produced inside the body and the one that is prepared artificially with the help of human efforts. These growth hormones have minor side effects when used in a responsible method.

It performs some crucial functions of the body like

  • promoting cell regeneration;
  • stimulating the repair of tissues;
  • controlling the overall performance of the brain and;
  • directing the work of other hormones as well as enzymes.

Unlike the anabolic steroids which are primarily used by athletes, the HGH serves a lot of purposes. For the matter of fact, it is believed that the latter can aid the body to increase the effectiveness of anabolic steroids in a long run. However it’s not necessary that those who consume HGH need to bulk up the steroids in their body. Also, HGH is much more expensive as and when compared to the anabolic steroids.

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Which is the Best?

When you are comparing HGH and anabolic steroids and try to decide which one is a better choice for you in order to get a muscular and lean physical appeal, you need to consider the factors listed as follows.

  • HGH is usually a well tolerated drug in both men and women.
  • The body can easily absorb HGH as it is just the exact copy of the naturally produced hormones found in the pituitary gland. On the contrary, the anabolic steroids can’t be absorbed that easily since these are similar in terms of the molecular structure but are not same in all aspects.
  • HGH starts showing its effect in a long run when consumed over few months. On the other hand, anabolic steroids can show productive results in very few weeks whether it is cutting or bulking the fat.
  • When compared, the anabolic steroids are accepted widely by the medical world since it can cure a lot of diseases. However the HGH is not currently in use by the physicians
  • Many consider HGH as the fountain of youth which is believed to slow down the aging process in a human body. Evidently the Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone is on the threshold of 70 years of his life but he is astonishingly fit and healthy.
  • Unlike steroids, HGH doesn’t cause any chemical dependence and its side effects are just not major when used responsibly.

Final Words

Whether you wish to use HGH or steroids, several factors need to be considered while choosing one among the two. If we talk about HGH, it is comparatively milder in nature but its effects are seen after a long time period. On the other hand, anabolic steroids have show quick results, yet the side effects are much more high.

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