is hgh safe for useIt is very common question in a lot of body building forums that is HGH safe to use? Well the answer is yes, it is. However you need to make sure that it is used responsibly otherwise the safety aspect cannot be guaranteed. In other words, as we all know that excess of anything is harmful.

Likewise even if you consume a mild substance like aspirin in a large dose and that too over a long period of time, soon you may observe health issues. So basically your safety is in your hands and be it any drug or substance, as long as you will use it in a logical manner it won’t harm you in any way.

Acceptable Dosage Ranges

The correct amount of dosage primarily depends upon the reason as to why you are consuming HGH supplements. There can be a wide variety of reasons mentioned in the list below:

  • Medical need: Sometimes Physicians recommend the use of HGH for muscle wasting conditions or in order to cure the childhood pituitary dwarfism. Generally in such cases the dosage is fixed at 1iu to 4iu per day. So those people who are taking HGH to treat a medical issue should not increase or decrease the dose until and unless directed by the physician.
  • Performance enhancement: Many athletes and fitness freaks consume HGH so as to obtain more stamina and an increased strength. Such people should take a dose of 2iu-4iu on a daily basis and that too for a period of 16 weeks at a time.
  • Muscle Growth: The bodybuilders who aim to get strong muscles and a lean body have to fix their dose between the range of 4iu to 8iu on a daily basis. These people take HGH in combination or in return of the anabolic steroids and hence the dosage depends on the steroid stack that they take.
  • Post-Cycle Therapy: in case of a PCT, the average dose lies between 1iu to 2iu per day. However, some athletes start consuming it before 4-6 weeks of the end of their cycles and another 4-6 weeks thereafter.
  • Anti-Aging: those who wish to slow down the aging process of their body and skin also consume HGH in the range of 1iu-2iu per day. This helps in the regeneration of cells and hence promotes the overall well being of that person.

So next time anybody asks you is HGH safe? You just need to tell them that they have to keep in mind the reasons as to why they are consuming HGH which will identify the correct amount of the dose. This will ensure their safety. Using it in excess may cause a lot of undesirable results and if you use too less of it, you may not be able to avail the true benefits.

Cycle Lengths

The length of cycles that are associated with the use of HGH is reasonably flexible. You just need to apply a logical approach. The more is the intake of HGH, the shorter should be the length of your cycle. Those who use it for the purpose of enhancing their performance or to promote the muscle growth believe that it takes at least 12 weeks for the product to start showing its effect (you can check out the best HGH for sale at There are some people who use it for slowing down the aging process and hence promote the youthfulness. Such people take 1iu per day for an indefinite period of time without going through any harsh effects. On the other hand, those who consume for the purpose of performance enhancement are recommended to use between 2iu-4iu of HGH per day for 16 weeks.

Side Effects Of HGH

By using HGH you can see some very common side effects. These are common but you must have knowledge about them so in future if you feel any, then you can prevent them by take right action, at the right time. These common side effects are mentioned here –

  • Numbness in Skin
  • Pain in Joints(it will be reduces with the time)
  • Nausea
  • Water retention
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • One can feel Hypothyroidism, (You can prevent it via Cytomel T3)
  • One can see Carpal tunnel syndrome which occur because of the fluid retention
  • One can see symptoms like Flu which can occur initially, but these symptoms will dissolute with time

HGH vs Steroids

Those who wonder if HGH is safe, are those who don’t prefer to use the anabolic steroids and hence they look for an exogenous medium to promote the fitness and enhance their performance. HGH is a little bit different than steroids in the sense that if you consume 8 units of this hormone for 16 weeks and as a result gain 15 pounds muscles, you won’t lose half of that once you stop taking HGH. So apparently the benefits of HGH are long lasting whereas that of the steroids made away with time. You can also check the complete guide of HGH vs Steroids available at

Final Words

After going through the above mentioned details, we hope that you must have got a clear answer to the question that whether HGH is safe? It is quite logical that you have to use it responsibly like any other drug or medical supplement failing which you might go through a lot of serious health issues. Moreover, it is important to note that if a person is already suffering from serious diseases like heart problems or liver infections, then that person is automatically at a higher risk as compared to someone who is healthy.

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