HGH aka Human Growth Hormone is responsible for stimulating growth as well as reproducing and renewing cells in the body of humans and animals. It is produced naturally in the pituitary gland for regulating growth, metabolism and sugar levels in humans.

These hormones work in combination with collagen that forms around 30% of the protein content in human body so as to maintain the skin and muscle composition. However the trouble is that with increasing age the production of HGH and collagen also reduces. In such a situation HGH supplements act as a boon by boosting the HGH level in the body.

How HGH Supplements Work?

How HGH WorksAlthough researchers claim that HGH has an impressive effect, the supplement form of these hormones hasn’t been studied in detail. The focus of most of the studies has been restricted only to HGH injections. In certain countries, the hormone has been utilised for many years under medical practices in order to treat children with typical growth issues or even for controlling blood sugar level in diabetic people.

Moreover the use of these injections and supplements is also popularizing amongst athletes and celebrities. Despite all of this, the legal status of HGH is still vague in most of the countries. In fact, using HGH for treatments is only considered legal if a doctor prescribes it but for any other purpose, it’s illegal to dispense. Those who obtain HGH supplements, usually acquire the synthetic and legal form of the hormone.

Reportedly, weight loss is yet another major benefit that the users of HGH seek from its consumption. Back in the year 1990, a study report published by New England Journal of Medicine, suggested that the intake of HGH injections could result in weight loss as well as muscle gain. Considering the favourable reports, the study seemed fairly conclusive but it remained to be a big part of the argument for a long time.

Later in 2012, a double blind study conducted on a supplement named Sero Vital HGH was telecasted on the show of Dr Oz. As per that study, a certain grouping of amino acids could encourage body’s natural production of HGH thereby providing the patients a better, safer and gentle alternative to injections. Many people were given a mix of amino acids that ultimately led to a 6 times surge in the HGH level as compared to the figures before conducting the study. Moreover, many of them also experienced an increase in  the metabolism and endurance.

Facts About HGH

As per the research, there are various benefits from the consumption of HGH, explained as follows:

  • Increased skin thickening and elasticity
  • Improved healing rates of infections post surgery
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased bone density
  • Prevention from sun damage and reduction of wrinkles
  • Improved cholesterol count
  • Improved stamina for exercise
  • Improvement in energy level and well being
  • Decline in the fatigue level

Side Effects of HGH

Apart from the benefits, there are certain side effects of HGH that are enlisted below:

  • Diabetes in prone individuals
  • Pain in the muscles, joints and bones
  • Deterioration of cardiovascular disease
  • Hypertension and cardiac deficiency
  • Accelerated Osteoarthritis
  • Abnormal growth of organs and limbs

Besides the above mentioned effects, it could also lead to a significant decrease in the life expectancy. As HGH stimulates the secretion of IGF-1, an excessive consumption of these supplements may lead to various side effects like metabolic dysfunction in the form of glucose intolerance.

Is it Legal to Buy HGH Online?

Although it is possible to buy Human Growth Hormone through legal ways, yet these are highly regulated. It is quite difficult to obtain the supplements without a doctor’s prescription. Despite being advised as a performance enhancing stimulant, there are certain healthcare professionals who advocate its usage.

It is banned for the professional sports people but people use it on a large scale for body building purpose. If you are caught with high amount of artificial HGH you could face trouble with the concerned authorities. So one must acquire them legally and refrain from distributing them. It is Highly recommended to buy real HGH online by doing research and reading reviews.

Interesting Facts About HGH

HGH is capable of triggering the body growth during puberty. Moreover, it also benefits the body in several ways like improving the immune system, increasing muscle mass and strengthening of bones. With the increase in age, the HGH level in the body goes down as it is no longer required for the growth. However its deficiency could still cause health problems as the body loses its protection shield against diseases.

Consequently, HGH supplements were created to render the required benefits. Nowadays, these supplements have become extremely popular and grabbing support from health enthusiasts across the globe. If you wish to use these supplements but don’t know where to get these, then the following paragraphs would lead you towards the answer that you seek.

Buying HGH – The Real Deal

Many people claim that the best way to buy HGH is to purchase it online. Even though there are various pharmacies that sell over-the-counter HGH but those require prescription and are not meant to be used as prescription. So the most suitable medium is to purchase them online for which there are various websites which ensure that you have a fun experience when you buy real HGH online. These online stores provide a wide variety of products from spray to pills so that you can avail all kinds of items without leaving your home.

Buying HGH through online portals also gives you a benefit that you can choose whatever item you like at different price tags with just a few clicks. This also allows you to avail discount offers for various products. Moreover, there is a lot of information on these sites regarding the benefits of HGH, or how to buy these hormones, along with the review of the supplements.

Security Regarding Online Transactions

It is really important to ensure your security while making online purchases. Your financial information like card details can be often misused by the phishing sites. So before buying your HGH products online, make that the site is legit, domain name is correctly spelled and the web address mentions https:// instead of http:// which implies safe browsing. Apart from this, check whether the product is being delivered through a reliable source and enquire for a money back guarantee so that it’s easy to return a product if it’s not in a good condition. If you are obtaining the hormones from another country, you should make sure that it is imported lawfully.

Safety of the Items that You Buy

After ensuring that your steroids products are being delivered from a reliable source, the next thing to check is that whether they are selling an original product. Some sellers use marketing scare tactics for maximising profits. They add fillers with the HGH so as to bring the price down. It’s important to remember that only authentic HGH products can be effective. So you should get the benefit of whatever you are paying for.

How to Buy HGH

The first thing that you should do to buy HGH is to ask your doctor for his opinion. The lack of HGH may lead to symptoms like pain in the muscles and joints or swelling of the hands and legs. Since most of the HGH supplements are not legalised by FDA, it is really important to obtain a prescription from the doctor.

Then your doctor can call the online drug store or you can fax a copy of the prescription to the. This would give you access to injectable forms of HGH that are effective in curing any kind of HGH insufficiency in your body. It acts as a gatepass to obtain all kinds of supplements online.

If you have prescription drug insurance, a copy of that insurance has to be faxed to the online store at the time of billing. You are also required to make a call to the insurance company so as to ensure that the medication is ensured.

When You Don’t Have any Prescription Insurance

In case you don’t have any prescription insurance, you can rely on the prescription assistance programs. The prescription-grade HGH costs more than $1,000 for just one injection. You can save a lot of money by contacting ‘The Partnership for Prescription Assistance’ which offers affordable medication to those who qualify to avail it. These are some ideal methods to obtain HGH online.